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About Us

Welcome to the electrifying world of Ten4One your ultimate destination for an unforgettable musical experience! As a dynamic rock band that specializes in both cover music and originals, we pride ourselves on delivering high-energy performances that leave audiences craving more. With our diverse repertoire spanning classic rock, 90s hits, 2000s favorites, country tunes, pop anthems and everything in between, there’s something for everyone to groove along to. At Ten4One, we love nothing more than bringing the house down at local venues such as bars, restaurants, and breweries. We thrive on creating an electric atmosphere that transforms any venue into a vibrant hub of live music excitement.

Private Gig?

We thrive on creating an electric atmosphere that transforms any venue into a vibrant hub of live music excitement. But our talents don’t stop there – we’re also well-versed in setting the mood for private events. From corporate gatherings to intimate personal parties, we have what it takes to make your special occasion truly memorable. Our versatile sound and engaging stage presence ensure that every guest will be thoroughly entertained throughout the event.

Meet the Crew
Brendan Burt

Brendan aka Short Shorts

Job- Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Eye Candy
Leading from the front is Brendan Burt with his powerful vocals and mesmerizing skills on acoustic guitar. His raw energy captivates audiences from start to finish while his soulful voice gives each song its own unique flavor.

Cory Evans

Cory aka Frankenstein

Job- Lead Guitar, backup vocals, making Brendan look good
Cory Evans takes command of lead guitar duties while adding his harmonious backup vocals into the mix. His incredible talent shines through as he effortlessly delivers unforgettable riffs and melodies that elevate every song performance.

Mike Davis

Mike aka Crazy Legs aka Za

Job- Drums, swag, hangry
Behind it all, commanding the drums with undeniable precision and finesse. His rhythmic mastery lays down an irresistible groove that forms the backbone of our powerful sound. Just don’t forget to feed him Pizza before the show! (see job description above)

Joe Farrington

Joe AKA Killer

Job- Bass, telling everyone how good they sound, moral support
Joe the bass player, what else is there to say?? He’s Killer

Upcoming Shows

14 June
Tap Takeover Aw Shucks
15 June
Wing Fest Hanover Vegetable Farm
20 June

Aww Shucks

22 June
The Ville
26 June
The Ville Acoustic w/ Greg and Cory (Stone Expressions)
28 June
Piggy’s Pub (The Stone Expressions)
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